Virtual Onboarding During a Pandemic: One Candidate’s Experience

Virtual Onboarding During a Pandemic: One Candidate’s Experience featured image

Editor’s note: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many things changed for HR – especially in Recruiting and Onboarding. Technology became our best friend as we sought to connect with each other virtually. We definitely needed to pivot to engage with new talent. Sam Botros joined Rizing in the midst of the stay-at-home order. His experiences with onboarding take a look at more than the technology and form a foundation for what all of us in Human Resources should consider as part of  a blueprint for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding processes and as the basis of evaluating Employee Experience with your Qualtrics implementation.


My virtual onboarding journey with Rizing

Like so many things in our world recently, onboarding a new employee has dramatically shifted. Onboarding isn’t just about understanding the job I’m hired to do, but making me, as a new hire, feel included and educated on how the business operates. It’s about sharing culture, values, and energy as well as creating an inclusive workspace, whether it be physical or virtual.

Tech set up

Normally I’d show up to my new workstation on my first day and find all the right tools to do my job. However, this time it was different. After a few emails and calls to our HR and Office team, they offered to come to my residence to drop off my required hardware, which I found very touching and welcoming. This is an “Above and Beyond” task from our team.

Digital welcome kit

With my device and connectivity all set up with relevant contact details, organizational charts, and an onboarding presentation, I felt informed and welcomed to my new placement. I read all the relevant materials in the allocated timeframes and asked plenty of questions that were quickly answered. This brought structure to my orientation.

Timeline & expectations

With so many tasks to complete for my onboarding, it was the perfect time to discover my journey as a new starter and create milestones for learnings, performance, and growth. My leader helped in planning a relevant, well-timed virtual process to get me up to speed and make me feel more confident in my new role.

Key contacts

Since I was coming into a new business as a stranger, it was vital for me to get to know the key contacts in the company. My HR and Management teams made sure I connected with direct colleagues, relevant departments, and external stakeholders through a well-organized diary, allowing me to establish my working relationships.

Meet the team

From day one, I was invited and encouraged to socialize with my immediate and extended team members. I was invited to virtual team catch-ups, one-on-ones with my leader, given an introduction to my broader team,  and encouraged to maintain a regular bond.

Regular check-ins

My leader and team members made a conscious effort to regularly check in with me during the first weeks to build communication lines, ensure I could ask questions and progress as a new addition to the team.

Care package

While we often get a security pass and some company information as new starters, having a unique and fun gift delivered to my house for a sales team catch up, certainly enhanced my experience as a newcomer. This had a direct impact on me feeling included and valued.


Our great onboarding team ensured I had a network of people to talk with both socially and about different aspects of my job. Being assigned a “Buddy” helped me understand the process, approach, and, most importantly, created a safety net and a sense of belonging.

Culture & vibe

It’s hard for a new starter to understand the culture without face-to-face contact. Rizing created many online initiatives and activities as a great way of helping a new starter live the values of this great organization.


Sam Botros, Rizing HCMSam Botros

Sales Director HCM

Started 1st April 2020 during a pandemic


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