What do you know about People Analytics? What do we think we know about People Analytics?

When it comes to designing and developing solutions to help our SAP SuccessFactors customers excel, we don’t create based on what we think you need. Intention, research, and dialog are part of the design. That’s how our Lyra on SAP® product began and continues to evolve today. Still, we know we don’t have all the answers.

Asking the right questions

That’s why we invite people like Professor Andy Charlwood to join us in conversations and research intended to enable our clients to get to the core meaning of People Analytics and what Human Resources professionals really need to know – not just for today but for the future.  As a Professor of Human Resources Management at the University of Leeds, Professor Andy is a scholar of HR Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and algorithmic management in HR.  He focuses on job quality and subjective well-being at work and in the healthcare workforce.

Unfortunately, as Professor Charlwood shares with us, HR is often relatively peripheral (compared to Finance and Operations) when it comes to how the data and technology should be used. At times there has been a degree of mistrust between the dominant organizations of Finance and Operations and HR and definitely incomprehension about how People Analytics can add value to managing this resource we call people.

Defining your own organization’s needs

To get past that, we in HR need clarity about our analytics maturity compared to available solutions and the future we want to achieve. It’s more than just nice dashboards and KPIs. The secret sauce isn’t buying another niche product that solves a challenge we have today. Rather, it lies in clearly understanding expectations about how People Analytics can contribute to the organization’s future. In that respect, each organization’s story is unique.

We are listening. Where you are on your own journey is the first step in helping you understand how to excel at People Analytics, strategy, and influence.

Rizing’s People Analytics Maturity Assessment is a starting point to help. Your interaction with us and with each other is vital to having an assessment make sense.

Join the conversation. Be part of your solution.

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November 17th at 3:00 pm AEDT/12 pm SGT with
our Future of Work Strategist Megan Butler and our
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