Looking Past Payroll: Integrating HR Systems to Improve Employee Retention and Identify Upskilling Opportunities

Looking Past Payroll: Integrating HR Systems to Improve Employee Retention and Identify Upskilling Opportunities featured image

Once upon a time, HR was all about payroll and employee administration.

Today, while these core functions still matter, HR teams have much more to contend with. One analyst describes the HR workload as “crushing … don’t peek behind the curtain to see what HR’s been up to unless you’re strong of heart. The enormity of HR’s workload and change requirements are insanely immense.”


No wonder so many HR leaders are asking if there’s a better way to manage this growing workload while delivering business value.

The good news? There is a simple solution. It’s all about breaking down silos to connect HR with the broader business.

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What’s the problem with silos?

Traditional HR solutions are really digital filing cabinets for record-keeping. Some take the form of spreadsheets, others are custom platforms created to solve a particular need in the business.

One thing they all have in common? They are typically isolated from the rest of the business. Other teams and business decision-makers have no visibility into the data.

Traditional systems are often manually maintained, which compounds the problem.

For example, at a very simple level, an employee may send an email to HR letting them know about a change of address. HR then updates a spreadsheet with the employee’s new details. Without the ability for the employee to check HR’s work, there’s no guarantee the changes were entered correctly.

When HR operates in a silo, unconnected to the wider business, it hampers your ability to tap into employee insights and analytics. Strategic decision-making is also held back. Business leaders lack access to the information they need for workforce and succession planning.

Breaking down the barriers for better insights

By replacing siloed, isolated HR systems with an end-to-end solution that integrates with other business systems, you gain access to new opportunities to drive business value.

For example, you can now look across the entire business to evaluate performance gaps, and get strategic about development planning and what type of learning is needed to fill the gaps.

Or, looking at the lessons from the past year, you can analyze large amounts of employee data to see who’s working from home, where they’re located, and make strategic decisions about your organization’s work-from-home or hybrid work policies.

By gaining greater access to data and insights, you can optimize costs and staffing, streamline reporting, and improve business operations.

Empowering employees to own their data

Another key benefit of a centralized, easily accessible, and automated system is that the culture shifts from an HR nanny state to one of employee self-service.

Employees become responsible for ensuring that all their personal information is up-to-date and accurate, which reduces the burden on HR.

According to a recent Microsoft report, the risk of job churn is higher than ever. 41% of employees are thinking about leaving their current employer in 2021. The more time that HR can spend on devising strategies to keep their best people motivated and engaged, the better corporate retention rates will be.

Synchrony People solves the silo problem

Synchrony People, built on SAP SuccessFactors, provides an end-to-end, out-of-the-box HR solution that lets you focus on engaging your people and cultivating a culture of success. Synchrony People is designed to fit seamlessly into your current IT landscape.

Rizing works with you to create an integration approach for Synchrony People. We pride ourselves on making honest recommendations about what will work best. If we see that you’ve already got a great payroll system, for example, then we won’t suggest replacing it.

Our goal is to understand your business needs and make clear recommendations on how Synchrony People solves them.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Attract the right talent
  • Align talent to company goals
  • Reward top performers
  • Improve succession planning
  • Identify upskilling opportunities

We can help!

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Learn more about keeping employees engaged at work in our ebook