Rizing’s AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solution Featured in SAP Customer Story

Rizing’s AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solution Featured in SAP Customer Story featured image

Good news never comes alone.

That’s a rough English translation of a French saying. At least, according to our not-infallible Google skills.

Either way, we like the sentiment.

The good news?

AI-Powered Inventory Optimization

Rizing and INTURN recently joined forces to connect INTURN’s Inventory Optimization product to SAP® S/4 HANA using SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) based Integration Suite + Cloud Application Programming Model.

Which means that SAP customers can take advantage of AI-based technology to help them manage supply chains in an agile way.

Waste is minimized. Cost savings are maximized. Sales increase.

To the tune of $6.5 Million, for one customer.

The Rizing/INTURN supply chain management tool featured on SAP.com.

Rizing and INTURN first told the story on a recent webinar.

SAP learned  of the project and is now bringing company to the good news. They posted a summary of the collaboration as a Customer Story on the SAP website.

For Rizing Chief Technology Officer Martin Stenzig, the most important part of the story is the use of SAP’s Business Technology Platform to enable the integration of INTURN’s tool.

“Using BTP not only sped up the process of connecting INTURN to SAP’s S/4 HANA product, ” Stenzig says. “We were also able to easily implement additional business logic using the SAP’s Cloud Application Programming Model.”

More About AI-Driven Supply Chain Management

For more about the AI-powered supply chain management solution developed by Rizing and INTURN you can view a recording of the webinar or read the recap.

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