SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Compensation & Variable Pay Release Analysis

SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Compensation & Variable Pay Release Analysis featured image

The SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Compensation & Variable Pay release update is now in preview. According to the SAP SuccessFactors 2021 release schedule, the second-half update will go into production on May 21st. To help you out, we’ve broken down the major updates into bite sized pieces to help you get ramped up on the latest changes.


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The general theme surrounding the release H1 2021 SAP SuccessFactors Compensation & Variable Pay release is that many configuration options are moving from XML to Admin Centre. This means that customers will have a greater ability to maintain their own configurations.

Let’s jump into the latest updates.


Force Comments


A new page has been added within Design Worksheet which is called ‘Define Standard Validation Rules’. On this page, you can configure rules to enforce comments for the following scenarios:

  • An employee doesn’t receive a raise – Managers didn’t enter a value in a field configured to force comments.
  • An employee receives a raise – Managers entered a value in a field configured to force comment.
  • An employee receives a raise that is outside guideline – Managers entered a value that doesn’t comply with guidelines in a field configured with force comments.


Another feature now configurable through admin centre is pay ranges (previously just XML).

Salary Validations are also now managed through the admin centre( i.e. via rules based on comp-ratios).


Hide Custom Columns containing validations


This particular update came from a customer community idea.

Previously you had to show columns with validations – and you would often try to hide them at the end of the sheet so they didn’t stand out. Now, you have the ability to hide them and still have them trigger as expected.

The sheets support up to 5 custom validations – a helpful increase from the previous limit of 3.


Map Employee Profile fields to EC enabled worksheets


You can now map across EP fields to EC worksheets to bring in elements from the extended user profile which are not maintained in EC. This could include fields like Risk of Loss and Impact of Loss, which can allow you to have a better view of retention when assessing remuneration.


Adjustable Widths for Drop down fields


Although this update may seem small, it has commonly been an issue with the aesthetic of the sheet. We can amend the field width of drop-down fields so they don’t have to sit as huge columns on the sheet and taking up so much real estate on the user screen.



Admin Permissions per Template


Admin permissions by template are now available in role-based permissions to control which templates an admin has access to. Previously, if you were a Compensation Admin, you could see all templates. Now we can restrict this – which is a great improvement for de-centralised admin teams.


Overall ratings can be selected from the Admin Interface


Previously, this could only be configured in XML. You can now change which rating is used within Admin Centre i.e. using overallCompetency versus overallPerformance versus another rating option.


Exec Review Filters Enhanced


Exec Review filters can now be managed more like Excel based filters, with filters such as ‘contains’ , ‘between’, ‘greater than’. A lot more additional filter options are available such as compa-ratio and second manager hierarchy.


Custom Views on Stock and Bonus tabs


For me this is long awaiting, you can now configure custom views for stock and bonus tabs which gives us much greater flexibility. It will now work more like the Salary/Variable Pay tab for all tabs.


Cloning Templates


When you clone a template, such as when setting up your template for the new calendar year, you are prompted to update your Lookup tables. This is just as a nice reminder to do it all in one go.


Spot Awards


You can now allow budget approvers to see their remaining balance when they are approving spot awards to give them full visibility of impact during the approval process.

Budgets can also now be managed through the nominators hierarchy as opposed just to the default ‘nominee’s hierarchy’.


Award Certificates


You can now configure an Award Certificate for Spot Awards. Users can view, save, and print certificates for Reward and Recognition awards they’ve received, and managers can view, save, and print certificates for awards given to their team members.

In order to apply this update, Employee Central is a requirement as it uses Document Generation.


More to Come for the latest SAP SuccessFactors 2021 Releases


The H1 2021 Compensation & Variable Pay release is just a part of the latest SAP SuccessFactors update. Follow Rizing HCM on LinkedIn for release analysis and find the complete LinkedIn Live H1 2021 release coverage here. Customers should also follow the SAP SuccessFactors Community Page for the latest updates and roadmaps. 


Managing releases takes a lot of effort. With that in mind, we compiled the best tools out there in our e-book The Ultimate Guide to Managing SAP SuccessFactors Release Updates