SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Employee Central Payroll Release Analysis

SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Employee Central Payroll Release Analysis featured image

The SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Employee Central Payroll (ECP) release update is now in preview. According to the SAP SuccessFactors 2021 release schedule, the second-half update will go into production on May 21st. To help you out, we’ve broken down the major updates into bite sized pieces to help you get ramped up on the latest changes.


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What is new for Payroll in the SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 release? Well, let’s dive in and see what SAP released and what the impact of this might be.

This year it seems SAP has put a lot of focus on improving the user experience and streamlining its offerings. SAP released no less than 26 changes/updates this time around for ECP, with only 5 or 6 being country/region specific changes. I am going to focus on the 5 top changes in my view, but do not hesitate to call Rizing HCM if you would like to hear more about any of the other changes released.


Deprecation of Pay Statement (Fiori-like) Integration for Employee Central Payroll


The Pay Statement (Fiori-like) integration will reach the end of its maintenance lifecycle on April 1, 2022 and will be deleted on October 1, 2022. What this means is that if you are currently using the Fiori-like Pay Statement (Payslip) in your business, then you will need to start looking at upgrading this the Pay Statement (Direct) option. You can contact Rizing HCM or connect in with your service provider to discuss how you can transition over.


How to turn it on: Universal Change (General Availability)


Custom Key Figures for Pay Statement (Direct)

Another change in the Pay Statement space for this release. SuccessFactors now allow you to define additional key figures in the Pay Statement (direct). These key figures are displayed along with the basic key figures like Gross and Net pay amounts in the Payroll Information section of the Employee Profile for an employee’s latest pay date.


How to turn it on: Admin Opt-in (General Availability)


Manage Configuration in Payroll Control Center


One of the greatly anticipated changes from SAP for this release see SAP providing a new tab called Manage Configuration in Payroll Control Center. This new tab is to simplify the configuration of validation rules and analytics for employees’ master data and payroll data in Payroll Control Center. In simple terms, SAP is making it possible for customers to customise the supplied Validation Rules and Key Performance Indicators available in PCC.


How to turn it on: Admin Opt-in (General Availability)



Time-Dependent Replication Framework


In this change a customer can now activate certain new features delivered for the replication of master data starting from your chosen effective date. You will thus be able to define from when a new system change should be replicated across to ECP.


How to turn it on: Universal Change (General Availability)


Rule Function to Get Next Possible Date for Changes


Another change in the replication space sees SuccessFactors providing a new rule function that will return the next possible date for which a payroll-specific date change is allowed for an employee assigned to a pay group. This should prove to be pretty handy as it affords you the ability to prevent specific users in the system from making backdated changes. An example of this might be a need to only allow employees to update their bank details from the next open pay period forward. Avoiding updates of bank details for payroll periods already in process or past.


How to turn it on: Universal Change (General Availability)


Some Other Notable Changes

  • Country/Region-Specific Gender Field for Austria, Australia, and New Zealand
  • New Field for Singapore Dependents as well as updated Address fields
  • Generic Handling of Secondary Infotypes in Employee Central Payroll Using Point-to-Point Integration
  • Currency Conversion for Higher Duty or Temporary Assignment from Employee Central
  • Combined Last Modified and Data Replication Monitor Query in Point-to-Point Integration
  • Changes to Payroll Information Block in Mobile
  • Replication of Custom Fields from Employee Central to Absences (2001) Infotype
  • Automatic Deletion of Infotype Substitutions (2003) When Moving the Hire Date to the Future
  • …etc.


More to Come for the latest SAP SuccessFactors 2021 Releases


The H1 2021 Employee Central Payroll release is just a part of the latest SAP SuccessFactors update. Follow Rizing HCM on LinkedIn for release analysis and find the complete LinkedIn Live H1 2021 release coverage here. Customers should also follow the SAP SuccessFactors Community Page for the latest updates and roadmaps. 


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