SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Onboarding Release Analysis

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The SAP SuccessFactors H1 2021 Onboarding release update is now in preview. According to the SAP SuccessFactors 2021 release schedule, the second-half update will go into production on May 21st. To help you out, we’ve broken down the major updates into bite sized pieces to help you get ramped up on the latest changes.


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Additionally, we hosted a LinkedIn Live with our experts to discuss the SuccessFactors H1 2021 Recruiting & Onboarding release.  



Now, let’s take a look at the major Onboarding enhancements.


Note: SuccessFactors now brands the latest version as Onboarding, and the prior version is called Onboarding 1.0. Many clients still use Onboarding 1.0 and a deprecation date has not yet been announced. Clients are encouraged to explore the new Onboarding and plan to move to it when feasible.


US Compliance Updates


  1. E-Verify employment verification for US hires is now supported in Onboarding. Along with US I-9 form support from the prior release, Onboarding can now support the full I-9 and E-Verify processes which were previously limited to Onboarding 1.0.
    • After submitting Section 2 of the I-9 form, I-9 administrators will have a Complete E-Verify tile on their SuccessFactors home page.
    • They would select a hire, confirm the employment details, and submit the E-Verify case.
    • E-Verify status and case details for the new hire can be seen from the Onboarding Dashboard.




2. Several of the I-9 features in Onboarding have also been updated to match what was previously only available in Onboarding 1.0.

    • It is now possible to initiate data corrections for Sections 1 and 2 of the I-9. This enhancement helps to ensure the I-9 form is kept up to date with the correct information.



    • Reverification of employment authorization is now supported in Onboarding with Section 3 of the I-9 form.
    • Finally, Onboarding now supports a remote workflow for Section 2 of the I-9 form. This is helpful to any clients who need to complete the I-9 form for remote workers without physically inspecting their employment eligibility documentation.



3. The Pennsylvania Residency Certificate form is now available for the US in Onboarding


How to get it: This is a universal update


Canada Compliance Updates


TD1 compliance forms for Canada are now available in Onboarding. The forms are in English and French, and they are assigned based on the employee’s work country and work state.

  • Personal Tax Credits Return is assigned when work country = Canada.
  • Personal Tax Credits Return for each Province is assigned based on WorkState.
    • The full list of province-specific forms is available here.


How to get it: This is a universal update



Custom Card for New Hire Tasks with Latest Home Page


With the latest Home Page experience, it is now possible to create a custom card that highlights key new hire tasks. Links can be made available to tasks like Where to Go, People to Meet, and My Links.



How to get it: Admin opt-in


Send Employee Offboarding Survey with Qualtrics


An Intelligent Services event can be used to send employee offboarding information from SuccessFactors to Qualtrics via Integration Center or Cloud Platform Integration (CPI). A survey would be sent via email when the offboarding process is initiated.

Enabling this feature requires a Qualtrics license.


How to get it: Admin opt-in


Enhanced Read Access Logging – (Onboarding 1.0 Specific)


Sensitive personal data fields can now be configured using the Manage Audit Configuration page.

A read audit entry is created when configured sensitive fields are viewed from the Mail Queue by administrators, or when they are present in the report generated from the Data Subject Information page.


How to get it: This is a universal update


Compliance Forms – (Onboarding 1.0 Specific)


SuccessFactors continues to support updates to standard compliance forms in Onboarding 1.0. Several forms have been updated to the new 2021 versions. A full list is available here.


How to get it: This is a universal update


More to Come for the latest SAP SuccessFactors 2021 Releases


The H1 2021 Onboarding release is just a part of the latest SAP SuccessFactors update. Follow Rizing HCM on LinkedIn for release analysis and find the complete LinkedIn Live H1 2021 release coverage here. Customers should also follow the SAP SuccessFactors Community Page for the latest updates and roadmaps. 


Managing releases takes a lot of effort. With that in mind, we compiled the best tools out there in our e-book The Ultimate Guide to Managing SAP SuccessFactors Release Updates