The 411 on SAP’s FMS, the Vertical Retail Solution

The 411 on SAP’s FMS, the Vertical Retail Solution featured image

Technology is constantly evolving and enhancing our everyday life. In the business world we are now able to capture massive amounts of big data that can be used to run everyday business operations. Technology enables us to utilize and leverage all this data in a more simplistic and digestible way. SAP has been the leader for several years now in developing enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

SAP’s Fashion Management Solution (FMS) brings the capabilities of AFS and IS-Retail to one vertical platform. Before FMS, many corporations used two different ERP solutions to manage their separate business units such as retail, wholesale and manufacturing. IS-Retail is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution that integrates planning, replenishment, supply chain logistics, warehouse management, and store operations. SAP’s Apparel and Footwear Solution (AFS) enables the manufacturing side to meet the increasing demand and seasonal deadlines within apparel and footwear companies.  FMS is the solution for businesses spread across retailing to manage the whole chain from manufacturing goods to selling the finished products in the Retail Stores. Using SAP’s HANA high performance technology, FMS will optimize business processes for manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing into one vertical solution. Some benefits of utilizing SAP’s all-in-one Fashion Management Solution include:

  • Global Multi-Channel Integration – Allowing companies gain visibility on a global scale by bringing in all the data into one centralized location.
  • Improved Analytics & Customer Insight – Multi-channel transparency of sales, stock, and buying habits of consumers will help recognize trends, demands, and supply. This will give companies real-time data to utilize in creating more opportunities and reducing possible risk.
  • Consistent Customer Experiences – Tailor offers to optimize customer engagement based on their purchasing history. This information can be leveraged to build an effective customer loyalty program and improve sales.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – By having an all-in-one system allows more synchronized processes and reduces administration costs.

FMS will help to bring retailers into the SAP’s Internet of Things (IoT) world. IoT is breaking down walls by making it possible for retailers to reach a broader target audience and achieve new business opportunities. By utilizing big data and analytics we can understand our customers’ past behavior and use it to predict future trends in inventory and promotions.

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