Data: The First Step in Your SAP S/4HANA Journey
January 12, 2020

How a data first strategy can jump start a successful SAP S/4HANA implementation.

The Rizing Crystal Ball: What We Predict for 2020
December 23, 2019

What can we expect from the broader SAP ecosystem in 2020? We asked our own industry experts to predict the future.

Can You Process, Ship and Deliver an Order in 2 Hours or Less?
December 11, 2019

Consumer expectations have shifted from two day delivery windows to two hours. Does your company have what it takes to do that?

Microservices Provide Competitive Advantage without Heavy SAP Customization
November 6, 2019

Find out how SAP microservices can help your company innovate without a major project.

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October 21, 2019

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October 20, 2019

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Customer Analytics using SAP’s Customer Activity Repository
October 16, 2019

With the anticipation of functionality and benefits, few projects offer the level of excitement that an SAP CAR Implementation provides. That functionality is delivered using the SAP HANA platform. It enables nearly instant access to big data using its groundbreaking in-memory technologies. The HANA platform accelerates many business functions by moving application logic closer to the data.

Breaking Down SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Strategy
October 14, 2019

SAP unveiled its new branding for a next-generation integrated business suite at SAPPHIRE NOW earlier this year, dubbing it the Intelligent Enterprise. But what exactly is the Intelligent Enterprise and how does this strategy benefit business? Below is an overview of the Intelligent Enterprise, briefly describing its components and origin.

Business Consulting
October 7, 2019

Our Consulting Services:  Strategic Roadmap & Blueprinting to ensure that […]

Consumer Industries Blog
September 5, 2019

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