Experience Management Survey
October 29, 2019
5 Critical Questions to Ask when Managing the People Side of an HCM Implementation
October 25, 2019

Before starting an HCM implementation project ask yourself 5 important questions. The insights will help you create a change management plan that increases the likelihood of project success.

How Core HR and Payroll Drive Positive Workforce Experiences

This IDC paper examines how organizations are leveraging their core HR and payroll systems to drive positive workforce experiences.

Core HR and Payroll Checklist

Do your current core HR and payroll systems contribute to creating a fulfilling employee experience that engages, motivates, and inspires trust? Here are 10 key questions to ask yourself.

Did SuccessConnect 2019 Meet Your Expectations?
October 22, 2019

What did we learn from SAP SuccessFactors at SuccessConnect 2019, and how did that match up with our expectations on topics such as payroll and recruiting?

Technical Components of a Multi-Language Implementation

In this paper we cover the various ways your technical team can localize the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding module to improve the onboarding experience for new employees.

Managing a Successful Multi-Language Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding
October 21, 2019
How to Choose the Right LMS for Healthcare

This white paper is your step-by-step guide to selecting a professional LMS solution that helps you maintain quality care and foster a culture of learning.

SAP Fieldglass and the Future of Work

This session will give you a better understanding on how SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass fit into your current organization’s workforce strategy from a variety of perspectives (IT, procurement, human resources, and business operations).

Find & Keep the Talent you need: The Race for Talent in Healthcare
October 18, 2019

In this paper we cover everything healthcare organizations need to know to recruit and onboard candidates faster and retain talent.