State of the Market: Payroll and Its Impact on Cloud HR
April 15, 2020

This benchmark study from SAPinsider provides insights into the impact of payroll advancements on the cloud HR landscape.

How to Govern Your Digital Twin
April 6, 2020

Do you serve your customers with the help of valuable enterprise assets such as rail tracks, gas pipelines, and pumps? Are your assets essential resources in generating value for you, your company and your customers? Have you made a significant monetary investment into these assets and are they not easily replaced? Then, these assets need to perform at a guaranteed level of service to meet customer expectations. Downtime experienced while assets are repaired cuts into profits. To ensure maximum uptime and availability of these assets, an asset lifecycle approach is recommended.

The Comprehensive Guide for Upgrading from SAP ERP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors
February 7, 2020

It’s the A to Z guide to upgrading from on-premise HCM to SAP SuccessFactors. We cover everything you need to know from business case creation to implementation, user adoption, and beyond.

10 Must-Haves of a Great Recruitment Management System
February 5, 2020

Do you have the right tech to support your teams in attracting and building a highly motivated workforce? Use this list of must-haves to evaluate your current RCM system.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Recruiting Top Talent

In the race for talent, the candidate experience matters! This step-by-step guide is the blueprint you need to transform your recruitment processes to meet the expectations of a truly multigenerational digital workforce.

The Ultimate Checklist to Attract and Hire the Talent You Need

When it comes to recruiting the best, you can’t let anything slip through the cracks! Use this ultimate checklist as a guide to transform your recruiting processes from start to finish.

State of the Market: How the Cloud Is Transforming HR
January 27, 2020

This SAPinsider benchmark report takes an in-depth look at the opportunities, challenges, and implications associated with migrating HR processes to the cloud.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right LMS
January 9, 2020

Choosing an LMS can be a complex process. However, having a structured decisional framework makes all the difference. Our step-by-step guide will breakdown everything you need to know to find the perfect LMS.

5 Signs You Need a New Learning Management System

Deciding whether it is time to invest in a new LMS can be tough – especially in today’s economic environment. This e-Book will help make the decision process a little less complicated.

SAP Compatible Unit Integration with GIS
November 20, 2019

This paper will explores building integration points between GIS and SAP during the design process of new construction work, utilizing SAP Compatible Units (CU) to establish design templates passed through the interface to GIS design software, enabling organizations to standardize construction designs and automatically generate SAP Work Orders with pre-populated material requirements and labor estimates once a design is approved and issued for construction.