We provide end-to-end services for every stage of your transformation. Whether you require an iron-clad business case before your software investment, you're ready for an SAP implementation, or you need services and support to transition post go-live, we can help.

Business Consulting

We ensure that our clients have the right solutions at the right cost and maximize the business benefits of their SAP software investments.

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Implementation Services

Whether you are looking for a Cloud or hybrid implementation or extending an existing solution, we can help.

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Support & Sustainment Services

We can help you whether you require post go-live support, optimization, or evolution services.

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We have a variety of service offerings to address your specific needs.

Program Management

Program Management Methodology is a framework, a set of organizing principles and deliverables for a project that provides a common understanding of its methods.

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Application Management Service

Get the best architects and support staff and the best value in the market with either fixed or variable pricing.

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Change Management

Our SAP experts ensure that a complete, iron-clad business case is in place to help you make informed decisions before making your IS-Retail investments.

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Business Process Re-Engineering

Find out how we can reengineer your business process to align with industry best practices.

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Implementation Strategy

Our approach to Planning or Discovery ensures that a broader project team will have what is needed to be successful when they begin to execute.

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Master Data Integration & Management

A successful implementation is rooted in the strength of its data conversion methodology for migrating legacy data to a new SAP instance.

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We have a variety of services to help you get the most value from specific SAP solutions.

Talk to a Rizing expert

Whether you're just getting started or are well on your way with SAP solutions, we can help.

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