Implementation Strategy

During the planning phases of an SAP program, the approach you take, and the implementation strategy you employ will help drive the themes and set the tone for your entire team and organization. As part of our service offering, we provide a structured approach to planning while ensuring that the items with the largest opportunities to impact your project's critical path are uncovered as early as possible.

The number of decisions that need to be made on any program can seem countless. It's often the time and resources required that sends teams in circles, often burning valuable time and money on projects large and small. With Key Design Decisions (KDDs), we have developed a way to prioritize cornerstone decisions to help set the direction early for the entire project or program. Focusing on important business and technical decisions with the correct audience provides a set of guardrails and high-level scope for the project to act on during the project's exploration or blueprinting phase.

Data is considered another high-profile area on the critical path for any implementation. Executing a Master Data Assessment early focuses on data cleansing and conversion to ensure major tasks are surfaced and incorporated into the plan.

Our approach to Planning or Discovery ensures that a broader project team will have what they need to be successful when they begin to execute against the plan. By creating formal project operating norms and PMO standards, the project team's expectations are set on themes like adopting a "why not standard SAP" approach and commitment to business involvement throughout the project organization.


  • Identify Key Design Decisions early to save time on decision-making processes
  • Reduce risk by assessing your true needs for data cleansing and migration
  • Take and maintain control of your project scope by setting guardrails for your project team and organization
  • Reduce implementation time and complexity with industry expert points-of-view
  • Increase overall solution quality by partnering with advocates of SAP best practice processes and solutions

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