CI Industries

We are one of the top SAP consulting service providers and product developers across the SAP Consumer Industries (Retail, Fashion, Consumer Products and Wholesale Distribution.) We are known as the “Go-To” expert based on our knowledge of the product, industry best practices and extensive quality assurance. In particular. We know how best to leverage SAP software to solve your specific industry issues.

Our Industry & SAP experts include:  Ex-Merchants, Buyers, Store & DC Operators, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance Professionals

Did you know?

  • We have extensive experience with large North American based "Big Box" stores
  • We are an elite consulting team with averages 25 years of SAP implementation experience
  • Average consultant has more than 12 years of SAP CI solution experience
  • Advisor for SAP and Retailers across SAP Retail software suite & SAP Retail Development Roadmap
  • Strategic development partner of SAP
  • More implementations of SAP CAR and CAR consuming applications than any other North American partner

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