SAP Application Interface Framework: Leveraging Error Monitoring for Real Business Value

SAP Application Interface Framework: Leveraging Error Monitoring for Real Business Value featured image

SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) is an integrated suite of capabilities to build, deploy, monitor, and manage all application interfaces in one place. One of the key capabilities is Error Handling. This feature is handy for business and IT users to monitor and correct errors efficiently and accurately. In the following blog, I will discuss the following Error Handling topics:

  • Architecture
  • Key Benefits
  • Application Overview

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Leveraging AIF for Interface Error Monitoring

AIF can be run on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (SAP GUI) and SAP NetWeaver 7.31 (SAP GUI and Web GUI), either as part of an SAP S/4HANA solution or as an add-on. SAP AIF uses structure mapping and value mapping to deliver data from the source structure to the destination structure, and checks are used to verify the data’s validity. Errors that occur while processing a message in the SAP AIF are written to the application log; therefore, the monitoring and error handling transactions allow users to review the logs and reprocess them.

System architecture of AIF:

SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF)

SAP AIF can be utilized by both business and technical users and can be configured to send alerts to users if certain errors occur during message processing. For example, interface errors of a non-technical nature can be configured to send alerts to business users and can be managed by them independently, and flexible authorization rules ensure that such users are restricted to perform only the transactions that are allowed. With the ability to reprocess the messages, users can save time by completing the tasks faster.

The monitor can be accessed in SAP GUI using transaction /AIF/ERR. A comprehensive selection option lets users choose interfaces, a period for monitoring, and various statuses. The system then reads the application logs for the specified selection and presents the results in a multi-pane screen. The messages can be drilled down to see the data content and application-specific error messages.

SAP AIF error message

SAP AIF can be configured to set-up alert rules, including the level of alert, recipients, and labels.

SAP Application Interface Framework AIF

SAP AIF configure

SAP AIF can also be configured to define specific processing parameters per interface. This is useful in allowing or restricting key data fields during reprocessing. This ensures that users do not modify any key source data during reprocessing.

SAP Application Interface Framework

SAP Application Interface Framework Adds Business Value

SAP AIF is a robust and comprehensive tool to monitor and reprocess interfaces across multiple forms. The alert feature adds even more business value to users by proactively identifying and resolving errors quickly.

For more on what you can do with SAP AIF, and SAP S/4HANA, contact Rizing.