SAP CAR solution

Consider an application that allows your decision makers to have insights into which customers should be shared an offer at an appropriate retail (BRIAN – think there is a word missing here?) and at the right time. SAP Cloud Marketing provides a comprehensive platform for customer management, marketing event planning, customer identification, and fiscal planning. Additionally, a robust suite of analytics is available to validate the success of any marketing campaign or event.

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT: Customer information gathered according to regulatory terms of permission and consent is maintained as a single source of truth from multiple channels of your business. This information will be augmented with customer purchase history and can be further enhanced with integration to demographic and psychographic service providers. This rich data set can then be leveraged by machine learning to provide a concise and appropriate customer segment for each marketing campaign or event.

MARKETING CALENDAR: SAP Marketing Cloud provides a platform for planning your marketing campaigns and events over time. Each distinct go-to-market strategy can have budgetary goals assigned, can be marketed to the same or different customer segments, as well as provide a collaboration toolkit for tracking against deadlines. Your company can execute these campaigns and events seamlessly over your omni-channel platform – brick and mortar, email, regular mail, texting, and web – are all available to your marketing team.

ANALYTICS SUITE: SAP Marketing Cloud provides a strong analytics suite that can be uniquely tailored to the needs of your organization. Insights of past marketing campaigns and events will enable your organization to further fine-tune your marketing spend and investment in product margin.



In only four weeks Rizing can deliver a Proof of Concept that will deliver comprehensive insight on how the SAP Marketing Cloud can optimize a complete 360 degree view of your customer while preserving both regulatory permissions and consents. The Proof of Concept is a customized demonstration of capabilities using the retailer’s own data with a pre-determined set of use cases that are determined between the retailer and Rizing. The goal of the Proof of Concept is to provide proof of value, assist with business case development and engage and align the retailer’s leadership team on the power of the SA Marketing Cloud platform. During the Proof of Concept, applications are run from Rizing’s hosted Cloud environment and the business processes supporting the pre-determined use cases are demonstrated for the retailer.


Trust the Rizing Retail Experts

Rizing is a former Retail Partner of the Year and is recognized as one of the only SAP standard development partners worldwide.

The key elements that set Rizing’s Consumer Industries Practice apart in the market place are:

  • Our experience – Our Cloud team has experience implementing both a mix of on premise and complete cloud applications across related consuming applications in multiple retail chains. We

also have client-side operational experience with these retail planning and reporting and analytics systems, providing our clients with a unique point of view.

  • Our people – We have carefully selected our consulting leaders based on a rare combination of talents: leadership, technical aptitude, business acumen, retail savvy and strong client focus.
  • Our methodology – Our Cloud methodology has been developed and refined in conjunction with multiple retail implementations and SAP practice leadership. Our collaborative approach is agile, field-tested and can be adapted to customer projects of any size.
  • Our partnership with SAP – Our team works seamlessly with the SAP global SAP practice and Rizing is one of the few companies chosen to support SAP to develop Standard cloud applications. Our deep expertise and visibility to the Cloud roadmap and applications ensures our clients receive the benefit of ‘leading edge’ implementation experience.

Contact Our Experts

Rizing looks forward to the opportunity to discuss SAP Marketing Cloud further with potential customers and review the possibility of conducting a Proof of Concept. For further information, please contact: