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LifeCycle Pricing Sets Merchants Up for Success
by Steve Okun published on Jul 02, 2020

A single source for all pricing, leveraged in just a few weeks? That would be a big benefit for retailers, and it is the promise of Rizing's LifeCycle Pricing.

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Setting Up Success: Steps to Prepare Before Your System Implementation
by Dennis Shinaberry published on Jul 02, 2020

Your system implementation can greatly benefit from the right project preparation. Let's examine the best steps to take before the install begins.

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SAP Analytics Cloud Use Case
by Andy Scott published on Jun 17, 2020

In this whitepaper, we review one of the key differentiators of SAP Analytics Cloud: business intelligence extended by collaborative planning and predictive analytics in one integrated solution.

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Rizing Virtual Leadership Series: Ingredients of a Great Virtual Workplace
by Nicholas Yu published on Jun 09, 2020

In our next video in our mini-series on working successfully in the remote landscape, we will focus on how to create a great virtual workspace for your team! Join Rizing…

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Beginning Your Data Journey: How the First Steps Lead to Lasting Success
by Kimberly Sharp published on Jun 02, 2020

The beginning of your data journey sets the stage for success later. Important steps, such as a data governance strategy, are key.

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Rizing team gives back with contributions to Wine to Water
by Sherryanne Meyer published on May 14, 2020

In these uncertain times, in many ways, just sticking together, and giving back, no matter how small, can make the biggest difference. Wine to Water has historically been an organization…

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Virtual Leadership Tips: Becoming a Great Virtual Leader During COVID-19 And Beyond
by Kimberly Sharp published on Apr 23, 2020

With virtual work as the new normal for many teams, how can leaders practice great virtual leadership? We provide some key tips and strategies.

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SAP Analytics Cloud: From Insight to Action at Lightning Speed
by Lin Zhu published on Apr 23, 2020

Find out how SAP Analytics Cloud can accelerate your data discovery using a unique combination of supporting technology like machine learning and predictive.

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