March 12, 2020

Subject: COVID-19 Information for Customers

To Our Valued Customers:

As concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus grow, we want to assure you that the well-being of our Rizing employees and customers is of paramount importance, as is our commitment to ensuring we continue to provide our services to you.

We want to share with you what we are doing to protect employees and clients and to minimize any business impact.

Rizing has implemented a Coronavirus Response Plan, led by our executives and supported by country and regional response leads. Our goal is to align with World Health Organization recommendations, the US Centers for Disease Control, and other country-specific health advisories. We expect that we will continue to meet our requirements for delivering services to you, our valued customers. The following is a brief recap of highlights of our Coronavirus Response Plan.


Following the advice published by official government travel advisory sites, Rizing is avoiding employee business travel to – or through – locations with a “Do Not Travel” or similar risk rating due to the Coronavirus. We are also restricting other international travel only to truly essential activities. Domestic travel at this time is continuing for business-critical. We have put tools in place to allow our consultants to deliver business commitments remotely during this time effectively and will resume normal travel policies once the threat stabilizes. In addition, we have in place policies around self-isolation and individual risk management plans for those who have returned from higher-risk locations recently due to both business and personal travel.

Working at customer sites

Any employees who are performing business-critical work onsite at your businesses are instructed to become familiar with your response plans regarding Coronavirus health risks. If your plan is more conservative than Rizing’s Response Plan, we require employees working at your site to adopt your guidelines.

Managing exposure

To reduce the general risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections, we are reinforcing general good health practices. Following WHO guidelines, we have recommended employees get a flu shot, cover their cough, wash hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap, stay home if sick, avoid contact with people with respiratory illnesses, and seek help from a medical professional should symptoms occur. We continue to monitor in case there are any possible exposures and have risk management and business continuity plans in place should an exposure event occur.

Social distancing and office closures

Should a government agency require social distancing measures to be implemented in a location in which we have an office or an employee population, we are supporting these as they occur.  We have business continuity plans in place, backups for key roles, and are facilitating employees to work from home.  Our employees are all equipped to work effectively from home. We recognize that there may be some disruption to work schedules due to school closures and limitations on travel, but are supporting our employees through this to ensure that work will continue remotely.

Your continued success is our goal while we manage these extraordinary circumstances. Please do reach out to us with your questions and concerns. We also wish your employees good health and all the best in managing this situation for your company. We remain a committed partner for you during this time.



Mike Maiolo