Corporate Sustainability

At Rizing, we are proud to serve our customers in a way that promotes positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes.  

Environmental Outcomes 

Our goal is to provide for the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. Regardless of size and scope, every project receives due diligence regarding environmental impact and footprint. Rizing works closely with clients to figure out the best way to help them achieve their goals in an environmentally responsible manner. 

We attempt to source locally for projects to reduce travel pollution and minimize travel for consultants whenever possible. Rizing is always amenable to project changes when they revolve around environmental considerations, and we do our best to accommodate clients' preferences. 

Social Outcomes 

Our employees' health and safety are paramount. We ensure that all workers receive a fair wage, are covered comprehensively through a generous insurance program, and are appropriately trained for situational emergency and safety scenarios.  

Economic Outcomes 

As an elite team, Rizing successfully identifies optimal solutions to help clientele become best-run organizations. From an economic perspective, this requires diligence to ensure that all services rendered are done under a fiscal responsibility modelRizing makes sure that the price of services rendered is offset substantially by the cost-savings and increased efficiencies in future customer processes. We accomplish this by diligently self-auditing and reviewing all business case prospectuses so that the purported numbers match the situation's reality. From a sustainable viewpoint, we also try to place regional talent on projects to maintain local economic ties and ensure that local stakeholders and voices drive our projects home.  


During engagements with our clients, it is the goal of Rizing to maintain all sustainability initiatives agreed upon between all parties. Using our own GRI and CDP inspired metrics, we can track our own environmental, social, and economic impact. Rizing also takes time to review the entire process for learning and continuous improvement efforts at the end of all project life cycles. We encourage the participation of customers throughout this open and transparent process. 


We are proud to be a strategic partner of SAP, one of the global leaders of sustainable software and services. We continue to be one of the go-to SAP partners when it comes to helping businesses and organizations transform into holistically sustainable operations.