SAP EAM Express Success Story

Current Situation (Customer): 

Public Services Commission (PSC) mandate to implement a maintenance solution for 11 Hydro plants with very limited time to accomplish.

Rizing's Role:

Rizing leveraged it’s EAM Express Methodology to successfully prepare the customer for use of SAP maintenance in only 12 weeks at 11 plants.

Actions Taken:

The project entailed:

  1. Implementing a maintenance best practices configuration model fully integrated with storeroom, financials, projects and HR.
  2. Leverage implementation accelerators for training, data, security and project management
  3. Rounds manager was added to the scope and implemented as part of the overall solution
Results Achieved:

All 11 Hydroelectric generation plants were ready to go live on SAP EAM in just 12 weeks.

Implementation Highlights:

What made this project a success was clearly the team and teamwork between Rizing and the Utility company.  Knowledge of SAP EAM by Rizing and dedication by the Utility was a key ingredient in the project’s success.  The weekly hikes in various areas of the surrounding geography and other team building events added to the comradery and successful outcome.