Full-Cycle SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Implementation

Current Situation (Customer): 

An oil and gas customer had recently acquired a refinery of significant size in the southeastern US, which had been running SAP for many years.  As part of the purchase agreement, the customer had to move the acquired refinery off the legacy SAP system within an accelerated time period – or risk losing data and incurring considerable additional costs.  Because the customer had not yet settled on a corporate standard for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), they decided to use this opportunity to select SAP as that standard.

Project was divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1– move acquired refinery off legacy SAP system and into new SAP instance.
  • Phase 2 – move additional refinery, located in southern California, from legacy CMMS system to SAP.

Required functionality from the legacy SAP system that needed to be replicated included as aspects of SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), and associated integration points with Materials Management (MM), Controlling (CO), Finance (FI), Human Resource (HR) and Project Systems (PS).

Our Role:

Rizing was brought into lead both phases of this project, to include project management, implementation consulting and technical development.

The objectives for Phase 1 were as follows:

  • Configure a new customer SAP system to mirror the existing configuration in the legacy SAP system.
  • Convert all data (master data and open items) from the legacy SAP system to the customer’s new SAP system.
  • Assist in the evaluation and implementation of custom transactions, reports, match-codes and user exists.

The objectives for Phase 2 were as follows:

  • Move California plant from legacy system into customer’s new SAP instance, including a full data conversion.
  • Using the acquired plant’s business processes as the global standard, blueprint any localized changes that may be required to support the refinery.
  • Develop an interface between SAP and JD Edwards, which was to be the customer’s financial system-of-record
Actions Taken:

Rizing deployed a Principal Consultant and two Senior Consultants to act as full-time project team members with the following roles:

  • Plant Maintenance Lead
  • Materials Management Lead
  • Data Conversion Lead

Additionally, another Principal Consultant was utilized in a part-time QA role to ensure that requirements were being satisfied and that the timeline was achieved.

The project team members were relied on for the following:

  • All aspects of project management for both consulting and customer resources.
  • Development of several reports and enhancements during both phases of the project.
  • Interface to JD Edwards financial system.
  • Data conversion of two legacy systems (legacy SAP and Mainsaver).
  • Replication of legacy SAP configuration into the new SAP instance, as well as localization configuration required as part of Phase II.
  • Manage the relationships with third-party vendors providing basis and security support.
  • Test script development and execution, as well as defect tracking and resolution.
  • Development and delivery of extensive EAM training documentation.
Results Achieved:

Phase 1:

  • Oil and gas customer was able to successfully move off of the legacy SAP system within the time allotted in the purchasing agreement.
  • All relevant master and open transactional data was successfully converted from the legacy SAP system to the customer’s new SAP instance.
  • Custom forms and selected custom reports/transactions were successfully developed, tested and implemented within the allowed timeframe.
  • Aside from a few custom transactions that the customer decided not to replicate in the new SAP instance, end-users were largely unaffected by this implementation. Because the user community had been on SAP for many years, very little training or post go-live support was necessary.


Phase  2:

  • Business processes at the California refinery were mapped to those supported in the new SAP instance. Were applicable, some changes were made to the global template in order to accommodate localization.
  • Data was fully converted from the legacy CMMS system (Mainserver) to the new SAP instance.
  • Interfaces were developed between the customer’s financial system-of-record (JD Edwards) and SAP, including those for vendors, purchase orders, goods movements and tax/freight.
  • End-user user training documentation was developed and delivered.