QMC implementation and customization for a Pharmaceutical company

Company Description

The client is the largest pharmaceutical company in Africa and has a proud heritage dating back more than 160 years. It is committed to sustaining life and promoting healthcare through increasing access to its high quality, effective, affordable medicines and products.

Current Situation (Customer):

The client is currently using QMC in their day-to-day calibration and inspection lots work.

OURRole (including project scope & SAP modules):

Rizing implemented and customized QMC for the client in 2015. Rizing lead the implementation from start to finish, including an onsite visit and guidance during installation and testing.

Actions Taken:
  • Supported Installation and testing
  • Customized Calibration report
  • Fixed bugs
  • Created customized testing documents
  • In person training
Implementation highlights and challenges:

The Client required a full re-write of the Calibration certificate that is delivered with QMC. Their requirements were unique to their usage and required intensive collaboration among all involved team members.

Results Achieved (hard and soft benefits realized or anticipated):
  • Delivered customized Calibration certificate functionality
  • Delivered customized testing documentation
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Enhancements alert to user when not Standard is specified