Mining has a unique set of business challenges. That's why we have a unique set of services and solutions to meet those challenges.  An effective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution is used as the foundation for management and improvement of company assets through operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal, as well as any acquisitions. We help you tap into strong analytical capabilities to make more informed business decisions.

Industry Issues
  • High degree of unique or customized equipment
  •  Equipment requires specific technical knowledge when maintaining
  •  Compliance to regulatory requirements
  •  Effectively address safety and risk into the business processes
  •  Retiring workforce
  •  Outsourced elements of workforce
  •  Non-integrated systems configurations
  •  Underlying data structures do not allow for “like for like” items to be identified

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Rizing Wins SAP Partner Excellence Strategic Industry Award
by Hannah Hale published on Apr 10, 2020

SAP has acknowledged Rizing's leadership in the EAM space with the Strategic Industry SAP Partner Excellence Award.

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Analyzing SAP’s FKOM and the Idea of “Intelligent Enterprise”
by Craig Powers published on Jan 22, 2019

Returning from SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM) in Barcelona, Achim shares some insights from the event.

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Getting Started with SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Start a digital transformation within Asset Management, leverage new technologies to make assets a critical contributor to company growth and profitability.

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