Oil and Gas

The global nature of the Oil & Gas industry demands an ongoing drive towards standardization and improvement in performance in key areas. It helps to have the most experienced Enterprise Asset Management company to meet the needs of the most asset intensive industry. 

Industry Issues:
  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • Environmental Impact
  • Standardization

Working with various Oil & Gas companies, our software and service solutions are delivered with the following core values in mind: 

  • Safety will not be compromised
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Improvement business across all functions
  • Success with a sense of urgency
  • Operational Integrity
  • Invest in people
  • Challenge the status quo and be innovative
  • Drive Stakeholder Value
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Conduct business with honesty and integrity
  • Regulatory compliance

The industry is constantly changing and as a result, we are helping our clients with the following directions and trends to help manage the business:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Standardization and consolidation of Master Data
  • S/4 Hana Transformations
  • Digitalization of the Industry
  • Intelligent Asset Management
  • User Experience & Mobility
  • Safe Systems of Work (Electronic Permit to Work)
  • Analytics
  • Shutdown & Turnarounds

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