SAP EAM System Assessment 

An SAP EAM System Assessment can quickly determine if your SAP EAM system is being utilized to its full potential. We'll examine if the application is meeting the needs of your business. We'll also run a range of analytics to address all modules of maintenance systems and data, including a comparison of best maintenance practices with your system’s utilization. 

User Experience (UX) Assessment 

In short, a UX Assessment will find if your system has become too complicated. We'll find out how your team is using your system and where they're having difficulties with navigation. We'll also look identify if team members are resisting adoption of the software – and why. 

SAP Supply Chain/Procurement Assessment  

There are a variety of break points in the supply chain. If you suspect that your supply chain is not running the way it should be, we help identify where those problems are. We'll also make recommendation to remedy any issues that are uncovered.   



  • A SAP EAM System Assessment, will find out if you're meeting business needs, ensure your leveraging all modules of maintenance systems and data, and compare how your using the system versus maintenance best practices for your industry
  • A UX Assessment Discover if your system has become too complicated to navigate, identify if and why team members are resisting adoption of the software
  • An SAP Supply Chain/Procurement Assessment will help you if your supply chain isn't working as expected, we'll find out why and what to do to fix it

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