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We offer proven, template-based solutions to meet your scope and budget needs. Our solutions include Asset Condition Monitoring, Maintenance Performance Dashboard, Maintenance Activity Visibility and Execution, Asset Health Determination, and EAM in SAPUI5.

If you want to quickly and efficiently implement a solution, Delivered Services are for you.


  • Improved maintenance planning through condition monitoring
  • Simplified end-user experience accessing SAP EAM information
  • Maintenance KPIs & Asset Health Dashboards
  • Visibility to manufacturing operations information by the maintenance organization
  • Greater use of SAP MII in maintenance operations
  • Determining Asset Health Index for critical equipment
  • Enable EAM UX with SAPUI5 applications
  • Gain insight into Design strategies and SAP UX best practices
  • Get landscape ready for further SAPUI5 development

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Improving Utility Pole Inspection and Maintenance with LiDAR, Powered by Drones 
by Craig Powers published on May 05, 2021

Utility poles are a fundamental piece of infrastructure for multiple utilities—power, and telecom, but efficient pole maintenance is challenging. It can be difficult to know all condition aspects of a…

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The Current State of Innovation in the Utilities Industry
by Craig Powers published on May 05, 2021

While utilities have been in existence for well over 125 years, the modern day “Digital Utility” is still very much in its infancy. Today’s utilities are faced with an ever-growing…

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How to Govern Your Digital Twin

Do you serve your customers with the help of valuable enterprise assets such as rail tracks, gas pipelines, and pumps? Are your assets essential resources in generating value for you,…

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ISO 45001 Compliance with Integrated Health and Safety

ISO45001 can strengthen EHS programs and an organization’s compliance processes, SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise can help reach that goal.

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