Open Catalog Interface (OCI)

The functionality of the OCI can be configured to transfer the specific data desired by the client. When using full functionality, the resulting requisitions are fully sourced.  This is done by working with the vendor to pre-load the appropriate Outline Agreement (contract) and Outline Agreement line number into their punch out catalog. This contract information is transferred back to the originating object via the OCI, resulting in a requisition that is ready to be converted to a PO.   

The pre-loaded contract information eliminates the need for additional sourcing activities such as RFX, therefore the procurement cycle is vastly improved.  As additional catalogs are added, further improvements will be realized.

  • Improves the procurement cycle
  • Reduces or eliminates Buyer intervention
  • Reduces P-Card use
  • Excellent user acceptance
  • Eliminates rouge spend
  • Allows all spend to be captured within SAP (where reporting and analysis can be done)

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