Rizing Hydrogen

Rizing Hydrogen is a modern Fiori-based UX that works on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices while supporting maintenance activities and data collection including work orders, notifications, measurement documents, operator rounds, to improve asset reliability and labor productivity.

Manage maintenance activities on- or off-line

Use data and capture new events and issues while in the field, even without data connectivity

· Role-based configuration

Screen layout and actions are determined based on configured roles with no programming needed

· Extensible Plugins

Out of the box and configurable plugins allow for endless possibilities to extend Rizing Hydrogen to meet your specific need

· Reduce downtime by capturing issues when found and updating order status immediately

· Lower Total Cost of Ownership with no middleware requirements and lower support and maintenance costs

· Flexible and user-friendly, Rizing Hydrogen saves time with role-based configuration to let users focus on just the fields they need

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