Rizing EAM Codex

Rizing EAM Codex is a fast, ready and flexible preconfigured industry specific S/4HANA EAM solution enabling accelerated time to value for existing or new customers. Rizing EAM Codex accelerates your journey with industry-specific SAP EAM solutions to support the entire asset lifecycle, based on Rizing’s exclusive focus on SAP and EAM best practices.

• S4/HANA EAM Configured Environment - A comprehensive environment including preconfigured S/4 HANA EAM and SAP Line of Business Applications based on Rizing best practice industry experience
• Implementation Accelerators - Packed business content shortening
• Rizing EAM Products and Codex extensions – Included as standard, Rizing products are built to complement and enhance the SAP EAM solution
  • Accelerate S/4HANA migrations by starting with preconfigured solutions and industry best practices
  • Lower project implementation costs with fewer consulting & internal resources required
  • “Try before you buy” allows clients to visualize the complete EAM lifecycle before implementing to ensure applications and configurations meet business needs