Taking Mobile Work Management to the Next Level

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On-Demand Webinar

EAM Mobile applications are numerous in the market. Which one do you use? Which one should you choose? Will it meet your requirements? Is it compatible or supportable as technology changes?

This sessions focuses on Asset Manager which is SAP's latest generation mobility platform for Enterprise Asset Management. Its clean, modern user interface and cloud based architecture offer a markedly improved user experience for field technicians.

Asset Manager capability covers a broad range of asset management usecases however there are some common mobility scenarios that cannot be achieved without enhancing the standard functionality. To address these scenarios Rizing has developed an add-on module which embeds a sophisticated dynamic forms engine directly into the application. The utilisation of forms within the mobile application will exponentially open up the possiblities and usecases to meet your business requirements.

The session will provide an end to end business example taking you through:

  • Creation of a form using a drag-and-drop form builder within SAP
  • Integration of forms with SAP sourced data
  • Assignment of forms to a work order
  • Execution of the form within Asset Manager
  • Synchronisation, processing and display of forms content within SAP


Marty Ravell

Solution Architect, Mobility & UX

Jon Wilson

Global Centre of Excellence, SAP Digital Supply Chain