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SAP Intelligent Asset Management: Building the Best Asset Strategy for Peak Performance
by Craig Powers published on Nov 07, 2019

Find out how to build out an Asset Strategy that optimizes your assets, and utilizes Intelligent Asset Management.

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Employee Spotlight: Ed Hudak 
by Craig Powers published on Nov 02, 2019

To say Ed gives his blood, sweat, and tears is a cliché, but it is literal in his case: Ed is a frequent blood donor to the American Red Cross,…

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Improving Efficiency in SAP by Simplifying the User Experience
by Asia Gelker published on Oct 23, 2019

Companies using the SAP suite of products may not be seeing the full benefits from the range of features purchased. Much of this has to do with systems that weren’t…

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PM: How Far Do You Want To Go
by Asia Gelker published on Oct 19, 2019

Vibration analysis is used to detect wear in rotating equipment. Thermography is used to detect loose connections or hot spots in electrical equipment. And oil analysis has at least two…

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Simplify the Asset Lifecycle with SAP Compatible Units
by Asia Gelker published on Oct 18, 2019

Construction of physical assets in a high volume, high repetition environment creates challenges within the entire build process from design, estimation, planning, capture of ”as-built” design, physical/ financial asset creation,…

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Making a business case for the SAP + GIS Integration
by Asia Gelker published on Oct 18, 2019

Companies often use GIS and SAP for different purposes even if they are part of the same workflow. At its most basic level, GIS is used to add location to…

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SAP EAM Usability – Back to Basics
by Asia Gelker published on Oct 17, 2019

With all of today’s software technologies, operating systems, devices & other great innovative technologies, running simple SAP plant maintenance screens across said technologies can be, well,…not so simple.  SAP UI/UX…

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SAP PM Printing Made Easy with Vesta Simple Print
by Asia Gelker published on Oct 14, 2019

Even the most experienced SAP users’ waste hours of valuable time clicking through multiple screens in SAP to find all related work order documents before printing. Is this something your…

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