We are asset management experts. Our global team of over 220+ EAM professionals has successfully completed over 2,500+ projects of all sizes, including 1,500+ customers worldwide. Our team has decades of implementation experience. More importantly, we have decades of industry experience

SAP EAM Services

Understand your industry challenges and how to leverage SAP EAM technology to improve your asset management program.

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Supply Chain & Ariba

Develop and execute your S/4HANA Supply Chain roadmap while addressing new and existing process and system impacts.

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Asset Management Consulting

Review and update your business processes to better align with industry best practices for asset management.

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Innovation Services

Enhance existing products and solutions or build new applications to meet your unique business requirements.

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Real Estate Management

Create and deliver a complete end-to-end SAP RE-FX solution that aligns with your strategic real estate plan.

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Environment, Health, and Safety

Proactively prevent incidents from happening with our Environment, Health, and Safety solution and services.

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Geospatial Solutions

Leverage our geospatial services focused on the latest technologies, proven project methodologies, and innovative solutions.

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Talk to a Rizing expert

Whether you're just getting started or are well on your way with SAP solutions, we can help.

Additional Information From Our Experts

Enterprise Asset Management: Highlights from Mainstream 2021
by Hedley Norrish published on Jun 03, 2021

What's holding organizations back from enterprise asset management maturity? Everything from resources to top leadership support.

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Enterprise Asset Management: Does Your System Accurately Represent Physical Assets?
by Shubham Rajvanshi published on Jun 03, 2021

Trusted data is essential to enterprise asset management where quality and productivity can be deeply impacted by lack of insight.

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EAM Trends and Insights at Mainstream 2021
by Martin Greaves published on Jun 01, 2021

Mainstream 2021 was not just another one-way virtual event. It drew Interactive discussions on Industry 4.0 and how to build a business case for Asset Management Improvements. Learn what colleagues…

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Improving Utility Pole Inspection and Maintenance with LiDAR, Powered by Drones 
by Craig Powers published on May 05, 2021

Utility poles are a fundamental piece of infrastructure for multiple utilities—power, and telecom, but efficient pole maintenance is challenging. It can be difficult to know all condition aspects of a…

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