We are asset management experts. Our global team of over 220+ EAM professionals has successfully completed over 2,500+ projects of all sizes, including 1,500+ customers worldwide. Our team has decades of implementation experience. More importantly, we have decades of industry experience

SAP EAM Services

Work with the asset management experts who understand your business issues and solve them using our vast SAP EAM implementation experience.

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Supply Chain & Ariba

Get help with your SAP roadmap to figure out what direction to take or which tools to invest in to accelerate your business.

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Asset Management Consulting

We can help you update your business processes to better align with industry best practices even if you're not implementing a technology solution.

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Innovation Services

Whether you need to enhance existing products and solutions or build new applications, we can help.

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Real Estate Management

We will team up with your organization to deliver a complete end-to-end SAP RE-FX solution that aligns with your strategic real estate plan.

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Environment, Health, and Safety

Proactively prevent incidents from happening with our Environmental Health and Safety solution.

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Geospatial Solutions

Reliable geospatial services focused on delivering successful projects using the latest technologies, proven project methodologies, and innovative solutions.

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Talk to a Rizing expert

Whether you're just getting started or are well on your way with SAP solutions, we can help.

Additional Information From Our Experts

Join Rizing at the 2020 SAP EHS and Product Compliance Annual Conference, October 6th – 9th
by Asia Gelker published on Sep 21, 2020

Our team of EHS experts is excited to join SAP for the Annual SAP EHS & Product Compliance Conference, taking place virtually on October 6th-9th. Register today to reserve your…

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European Chemical Company Explores the Future with an SAP ASPM Proof of Concept
by Craig Powers published on Sep 02, 2020

Find out how one European chemical company ran an SAP ASPM (Asset Strategy Performance Management) proof of concept to help build its EAM roadmap.

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ProRail Transforms Rail Grinding Maintenance with Rizing and SAP
by Craig Powers published on Aug 31, 2020

Find out how ProRail improved its rail grinding process with a five-month SAP implementation building on Linear Asset Management.

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Staatsolie Improves Asset Maintenance by Optimizing Tool Usage with SAP
by Craig Powers published on Aug 25, 2020

Staatsolie optimized its tool usage with SAP to improve asset maintenance. All that was done with just a 4-week remotely delivered project.

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