Employee Spotlight: Jack Shaw

Employee Spotlight: Jack Shaw featured image

The Vesta Employee Spotlight is dedicated to our extraordinary coworkers who exemplify the true values of Vesta.

Jack Shaw has worked with Vesta Partners as a Senior Consultant for nearly five years, focusing primarily on helping our customers with their SAP Plant Maintenance projects. Jack has a great understanding of the customer’s perspective, as he spent over 35 years as one himself with Chemtura Corporation.

“That experience gives me more empathy for the customer,” says Jack. “We always take a deep look at their side to make sure we understand how they run their business—why they do things, what they do.”

Get to know Jack Shaw:

Adventures by Sea

When Jack isn’t helping our customers implement SAP, he enjoys traveling on cruises. Usually you’ll find him in a warm place in the Caribbean, hanging out on the boat deck enjoying the sun in between day excursions to visit new places and experience new cultures. However, Jack counts a much colder place as his most interesting trip so far.

Cruises aren’t limited to just beach vacations, it’s quite common to see large cruise ships in the waters around Alaska. Jack was hesitant to head to the US’s northernmost state at first. He resides in Connecticut, so he is typically looking to escape the cold, but once in Alaska he found the scenery to be breathtaking.

“When we first got to Anchorage, we walked down to a lake and thought we saw some white clouds in the distance, then it dawned on us: those ‘clouds’ were snow-capped mountains rising from the other side of the lake,” recalls Jack. “We don’t see that in Connecticut.”

Jack hopes to see much more of the unique scenery across the United States, as his bucket list includes a national park tour.

Family Life in Connecticut

Jack and his wife Jill-yes that’s Jack and Jill—have twin boys who are grown up and out of the house. One son lives just outside Boston, which would explain Jack’s interesting combination of rooting interests—the New York Yankees and Boston Bruins. He picked up the Bruins fandom through his son but rooting for the Red Sox is certainly a bridge too far.

When not fighting figurative SAP software fires, you might find Jack fighting literal fires. He is a volunteer firefighter and has been for 35 years. The busy travel schedule of a consultant means he’s not as active with the fire department as he once was, but he still stays involved as much as he can.

With what little free time Jack has left, Jack enjoys military fiction novels such as Drone Strike: A Dreamland Thriller by Dale Brown and Ghost Fleet by P.W. Singer. If the TV is on, he prefers it be on an action show like SEAL Team, but he enjoys America’s Got Talent as well.

Finally, in his career Jack looks to continue working with our customers until that day of retirement comes, when you’ll find him escaping the harsh winters of Connecticut in Florida.

Vesta employs technical and functional SAP EAM Consultants and Asset Management Industry Experts in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.