LIVE WEBINAR: Enhancing Your Location Intelligence with SAP HANA® and Esri ArcGIS

LIVE WEBINAR: Enhancing Your Location Intelligence with SAP HANA® and Esri ArcGIS featured image

WHEN: November 2nd, at 9:00AM-10:00AM EDT

Executives these days are always needing to change and adapt to best deliver value to their business. However, there are a few major objectives that they will continue to follow no matter the state of the market. Increasing revenue, decreasing costs, reducing risk, optimizing ROI and improving customer relations. The commonality among these topics is the necessity of locational data. Knowing where customers, people and assets are located, their demands, feelings and condition and how they can best be utilized for any given change in the environment, gives a huge leg up to key decision-makers over those with less accurate or timely information.

Come join Rizing's Chief Technology Officer, Martin Stenzig, see a demo and discuss the business and IT benefits SAP HANA® can provide in the Esri ArcGIS context. Esri and SAP can help you achieve next level insight by combining your business data with the potency of precise location intelligence. As part of this session you will learn about the current business and IT challenges, how we can overcome them, talk about options in adopting these new capabilities and provide business case input.


Martin Stenzig

Chief Technology Officer, Rizing

Martin is an executive leader that combines business understanding end experience with deep technical expertise. As Rizing’s CTO Mr. Stenzig is constantly looking for innovative solutions to grow the Rizing business in areas of Human Experience Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Consumer Industries and Geospatial Solutions.