Key Trends for SAP Utilities and Oil & Gas Customers

Key Trends for SAP Utilities and Oil & Gas Customers featured image

Key Trends for SAP Utilities and Oil & Gas Customers

What’s top of mind for SAP customers in the oil and gas and utilities sectors? The recent co-located International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas and International SAP Conference for Utilities events are certainly a good barometer, and Vesta Partners was there both presenting on and hearing from customers on key topics such as SAP Leonardo machine learning, usability and geo enablement.

The growing interest in SAP Leonardo and its applications to the energy sector was evident among the customers we spoke with. Our own Rob Ericcson presented on the topic of machine learning in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and how integrating with SAP helps bring a full picture of asset health, and provides the data to build powerful machine learning algorithms to life.

EAM Mobilty—Online and Offline

On the usability front, SAP oil and gas and utilities customers want consistent interfaces that are accessible anywhere—including offline. Ericsson also presented on that topic—showing how Vesta’s Hydrogen solution helps customers build that seamless experience, and lets field workers access the data they need when there is no wireless connection available.

“Some customers are looking to take the next step in mobility and usability, making it better, cheaper, and faster,” says Ericcson. “Others are just trying to get their first mobility projects off the ground,”

Geo-Enabled Linear Asset Management

You can always locate our physical assets on maps, but those assets aren’t always easy to access even when you know the location. By geo-enabling an asset, companies can access more precise locations through useful visualizations, while also integrating important asset information.

“With geo enablement, linear asset management, and mobility, you can create a nice solution where 1+1+1=5,” says Ericcson.

Plenty of customers are interested in solving that equation, as Vesta’s Mike Golds presented to a packed crowd on how linear asset management data can integrate with geographical data.

A Modernized Energy Sector

It’s clear that oil and gas and utilities companies are moving forward with technologies such as mobility, machine learning and geo-enablement. SAP partners like Vesta are here to help organziations achieve those goals, using asset data to become more efficient.