ISO-55000 and Regulatory Agencies

Created on April 28, 2014
Last updated on December 14th, 2021 at 8:25 am by Rizing Staff

Now that ISO-55000 has been published, many individuals and organizations are questioning if they should adopt it.  Here is one more reason for companies to investigate ISO-55000 and see if it has application in their business.  It is Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular No. A-119 ( . What is the purpose of this document?  It clearly states in section 1 that “this Circular directs agencies to use voluntary consensus standards in lieu of government-unique standards”.  ISO-55000 is considered a voluntary consensus standard. Some other points in the circular that I found interesting: 1. Section 6 – “All federal agencies must use voluntary consensus standards in lieu of government-unique standards in their procurement and regulatory activities, except where inconsistent with law or otherwise impractical.”” Consider OSHA, EPA, FDA, etc. 2. Section 6a – “Your agency must use voluntary consensus standards, both domestic and international, in its regulatory and procurement activities in lieu of government-unique standards” Again, consider OSHA, EPA, FDA, etc. 3. Section 6e – “When properly conducted, standards development can increase productivity and efficiency in Government and industry, expand opportunities for international trade, conserve resources, improve health and safety, and protect the environment.” Very similar to the goals of ISO-55000 4. Section 9b – “Your agency must report to NIST, no later than December 31 of each year, information on the nature and extent of agency participation in the development and use of voluntary consensus standards from the previous fiscal year.” It appears that they are required annual updates on the Government use of voluntary standards.  Since ISO-55000 was just released in January 2014, they have until the end of the year to investigate the use of the standard. While there are many steps that must be taken before ISO-55000 is adopted by US Government entities, it is worth noting that the basis for their adopting it exists.  The real question is “Are YOU getting educated about ISO-55000 in order to help your company navigate its course into the future?”.

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