The single workshop you just have to check out at this years SAP4U event…

Len Harms, Vesta Partners CSO, will be co-hosting a workshop during this year’s SAP for Utilities conference taking place in Huntington Beach, CA. Harms will be presenting ” Deep Dive into Master Data, Asset Intelligence Network & Spatial” alongside Michael Jordan from Utopia Global Inc. This workshop is for any organization trying to get more value from the analysis of data, considering a linear project, or preparing for an S4/HANA migration. Workshops will be taking place on Wednesday, October 12th. To join this Asset Data Management workshop, you can click here to register. Please note that each workshop requires an attendance fee of $399 USD.


Here is a sneak peek of the workshop:


The analysis that comes from data can change the way a company operates. There has been ample written on the explosion of data that has occurred over the last number of years, to help drive value from this transactional data organization requires trustworthy master data.

This workshop will cover 3 primary aspects of data;  governance, spatial and new approaches. Topics will include:

  • Establishing a solid business case for asset master data quality
  • Synchronizing structured and unstructured asset master data
  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management and how to tie data together in an SAP Fiori user experience-based asset master data staging area
  • Accessing and integrating critical supplier content using the SAP Asset Intelligence Network
  • Preparing your data for a linear project
  • Geo enabling SAP the options – a look at GEF, GEO.e and LAM

Click here for more information on how to attend the entire SAP for Utilities conference.

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