Mark Scott to present at the 2016 ASUG Annual Conference

Mark Scott to present at the 2016 ASUG Annual Conference featured image

Join Mark Scott, Vesta Partners Principal Education Manager at this year’s ASUG Conference taking place at the Orange County Convention Center, for an in depth look at how the Hershey Company significantly improved their scheduling by upgrading their MRS solution. Mark Scott will be co-presenting with Linda Dietzal, Business Transformation Manager, Manufacturing & EAM at The Hershey Company on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016.

Here’s a sneak peek of their presentation:

Hershey started using MRS 610 in 2009 and decided to upgrade to MRS 900 in 2015. Hershey wanted to take advantage of their five+ years of MRS experience when making new design decisions and take advantage of significant new functionality. As this was one of the largest version jumps for SAP, it brought its own set of challenges. In this presentation you will learn about the challenges Hershey faced, the MRS functionality they have taken advantage of to improve scheduling and gain user adoption using MRS 900.

Keys elements of the project included conducting detailed blueprint sessions, which became the foundation for all other configuration, data, and user training activities that followed. Important considerations were to move away from using 1:1 relationships to Split Assignments and to begin using Operation User Statuses as part of the new work process. Scheduling thought leaders in each plant provided input on an improved work process and how MRS would support it, including significant changes to transactional data required for the upgrade.

Key Takeaways:

  • Move from a version of MRS that is getting more difficult to get support to a version that will be supported for years to come
  • Consistent and standard process defined against which to measure scheduling work performance
  • Maintenance scheduling process has become more efficient, requiring less effort than before

Add Mark Scott’s presentation to your ASUG agenda, session ID A4154. For more information about Sapphire & ASUG 2016, clickhere.

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