Mastering EAM 2020: Major Trends and Impressions from the Virtual Event

Mastering EAM 2020: Major Trends and Impressions from the Virtual Event featured image

I am an SAP lifer. I first implemented SAP in 1998, and that was the first year I attended the SAP PM Mastering conference on the Gold Coast, so it was a change not traveling to a conference site for Mastering EAM 2020. Attending webinars has been something I have done for many years, but this year is the first time I have attended virtual multi-day conferences.

I went to four of these types of events in 2020 and have had some good experiences and some not so good. Being at my desk during these events has been detrimental to the amount of time I can spend at a virtual conference and participate in discussions and forums. The good experiences definitely outweigh the not so good in many ways, especially at Mastering EAM 2020. Here are some of those experiences:

  • The Q&A sessions were a gold mine of information and learnings. Hearing people’s experiences and their approach to EAM solutions provided a good insight into how companies utilize SAP capabilities.
  • The EAM community in ANZ thrives based on the conferences built by Eventful. Even though the conference was virtual, this community is very resilient and adapted very well to working this way.  Like in-person events, I had many conversations over the three days shared with a coffee in the morning or a beer at night.
  • Electronic information and the ability to continue to use the platform is a bonus. There is lots of great content across sponsors that can be downloaded and not lost, like paper copies on the conference’s transit home. Having the ability to log on to the platform post the session, I can still look and download content and review the sessions again. This was a real benefit to having the conference virtual.
  • It was also my pleasure to host the VIP virtual wine tasting event on behalf of Rizing. This was such a new concept and a great example of how the industry had to pivot in 2020 to reach its customers. The wine was great, we learned a bit, but the laughter and fun were what made the night and demonstrated our community’s true spirit.

Major Trends from Mastering EAM 2020

Like every year, there is a real need to learn for the new and rethink for the experienced the foundations of EAM. This includes the core fundamentals of EAM Data and Operational processes to manage the master data and captures the work practices within Asset Management.

These sessions are always well attended and lead the way as a jumpstart to the conference program. These topics were then reinforced and expanded during the conference at live interactive meetups and discussion forums.

Having gurus across industries and 20+ years of experience in our community, we at Rizing are happy to share the experienced faced and how they propel SAP users to use the latest and greatest technology SAP has to offer within their core ERP or with any of SAP’s newest cloud offerings.

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