Mastering EAM 2020: Attendees Focused on Mobility, SAP S/4HANA

Mastering EAM 2020: Attendees Focused on Mobility, SAP S/4HANA featured image

I have been attending Mastering EAM on the Gold Coast since 2003. As an advocate for traditional in-person conferences, attending a virtual Mastering EAM 2020 was something I had reservations about. However, the experience at Mastering EAM was surprisingly positive. Whilst you cannot replace face-to-face networking and chance meetings with customers, the virtual booth was an interesting experience.

I found the interactions at the booth were more detailed and pointed with specific outcomes desired. Attendees at the conference would come to the virtual booth to inquire about our colleagues’ information in the previous session.

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Key Mastering EAM 2020 Topics: Mobility and SAP S/4HANA

For example, inquiries about the value and implementation approach of mobility solutions, specifically the typical duration of a project and the processes that would be typically implemented. On that topic, we discussed the Rizing mobility solution, Hydrogen, and the various projects that have been undertaken, and the value realization experienced as an outcome.

Another Mastering EAM 2020 topic of interest was the journey from legacy SAP ERP (often SAP ECC) to SAP S/4HANA and how an enterprise should ready themselves for this project. The main concern was whether the data and master data the enterprise possessed would be of sufficient quality and completeness to ensure a successful outcome. With this, the discussion centered around Rizing’s capability to undertake a readiness assessment before the project. This would provide a high level of confidence going into the unknown.

I wondered if people felt more comfortable approaching someone they didn’t know in this way.  In a traditional conference, people would approach with the question “what do you guys do” whereas, in this conference, people knew who we were and what they wanted to ask.

As a vendor or partner of the conference, this was a welcome change as the discussion was about their issues and how Rizing may be able to help them.  This led to fewer interactions but more definite follow up requests.

Whilst a virtual conference would never replace the traditional conference, this was a successful alternative with travel and social restrictions. I congratulate Eventful for a Mastering EAM 2020. However, I very much look forward to next year’s in-person event, if it is indeed a possibility.

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