ProRail Transforms Rail Grinding Maintenance with Rizing and SAP

ProRail Transforms Rail Grinding Maintenance with Rizing and SAP featured image

Rail grinding is a necessary maintenance process in the rail industry, and while it is something that is carried out in the field, technology back in the office plays an important role. ProRail, a public transport company that maintains the national rail infrastructure in the Netherlands, has recently made its grinding process more efficient and accurate with the help of Rizing through a new SAP implementation. The new solution helps ProRail better plan maintenance and react to track irregularities, saving work hours both in the office and on the ground.  

Before transforming the process with RizingProRail’s grinding was planned by a single FTE with an Excel spreadsheet. That made it a challenge to turn around grinding as fast as ProRail wanted. During a five-month project, Rizing helped ProRail define a new grinding policy, then architect, build, test and roll out an SAP solution that fit ProRail’s needs.  

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Building on Linear Asset Data for Rail Grinding

SAP Linear Asset Management had previously been in place at ProRail, but it did not entirely fit the needs to create rail grinding plansSpecific rail characteristics for grinding and measuring points were missing in the system,  

The new solution means that required measuring points would be created and assigned based on specific equipment and linear data. Additionally, we helped ProRail clean up existing data and add data that was stored in systems outside of Linear Asset Management.  

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

With the new SAP solution, ProRail expects to have work orders for rail grinding two years ahead of the date when it is likely that the maximum allowed tonnage limits will be exceeded. With the extra data, instead of grinding strictly on timetables and regulations, ProRail can now grind tracks and turnouts based on the condition of the asset, and even predict when grinding is necessary. 

That means cost savings when it comes to rail grinding since grinding will be done at the right time and the right location. This avoids unnecessary damage and maintenance on the track. Such a transformation in just five months is an incredible turnaround for both ProRail and Rizing. 

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Agile Process, Change Management Focus

ProRail and Rizing took an SAP Activate, agile approach to the rail grinding process, with regular demonstrations of deliverables throughout to keep business stakeholders involved. That was part of a broader change management strategy that would enable the transformation to take hold quickly. 

ProRail provided workshops and training from the moment the implementation began—a significant step when making such a dramatic transformation to a critical process. We also provided support upon request from ProRail for extra workshops, training, and user manuals where necessary. 

By taking these steps, ProRail has improved its rail grinding process, which will benefit its business as a whole.  

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