SAP EAM Usability – Back to Basics

SAP EAM Usability – Back to Basics featured image


With all of today’s software technologies, operating systems, devices & other great innovative technologies, running simple SAP plant maintenance screens across said technologies can be, well,…not so simple.  SAP UI/UX simplification solutions and various mobile technologies are not new concepts, but many companies tell us these solutions are complicated to implement, cumbersome to manage, and overall much more expensive than planned.

Is it so much to ask for a simple, flexible, and low-cost solution? You just want the same easy-to-use, role-based SAP EAM user experience across all your organization’s plant maintenance devices & operating systems, right?  Offline capabilities would be a bonus, but isn’t always required.  At Vesta Partners, we don’t think this is too much to ask, and, frankly is a key motivation for why we developed Hydrogen, the basic element of EAM success.

Join us on Tuesday,  June 25 at 11 ET to learn how Vesta Hydrogen can help your Maintenance organization get back to basics and:

  • Increase user adoption
  • Lower support costs
  • Reduce training time & effort
  • Eliminate paper-based work

All while implementing in weeks, not months.