Everything to know about EAM Data Conversion

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One of the most mission critical elements of any SAP EAM implementation is a successful data conversion. The amount of effort required for data conversion is often overlooked, as the attention of the project team is focused on business process reviews, development specifications and other Blueprint activities. Without sufficient planning and preparation, the data conversion can become an unnecessary risk to the success of the implementation. The purpose of this document is to identify some keys to success for an SAP EAM data conversion project — keys that will help the project avoid risk and to deliver accurate conversion results in the allotted timeframe.

This document will address the following keys to success :

  1. Data Conversion Strategy Clearly define the scope of the data conversion and overall plan
  2. Tracking Conversion Progress Monitor the progress of the data conversion
  3. Communication Important channels of communication for the data conversion team
  4. Testing and Verification Ensure sufficient testing and verification prior to production loads
  5. Cut-Over Plan Carefully script all conversion activities during the Final Prep and Go-Live