Preparing for Asset Performance Management (APM)

It is clear that Asset Managers and Asset Investment Managers need more than the standard maintenance management systems currently provide. But how can this be achieved? The answer is through…

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The New Disease KPI – itous

There is a new disease that is infecting corporate America. It is not something that we will hear about in warnings from the Center For Disease Control. However, it has…

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Dollarizing Maintenance

If you want to take Maintenance to the next level at your facility, learn to express your operation’s impact in dollars. Why? Decision making at the boardroom level always involves…

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Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management

Benchmarking, correctly done, can cure weaknesses in a company’s operations. Incorrectly done, it can undermine an organization’s position in the marketplace.

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Are we there yet?

The words, “Are we there yet?” are among the most feared words parents can hear on a long trip with their offspring. What the kids are asking, in a simpler…

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The Role of Maintenance in Asset Management

The investment a company makes in its assets often is measured against the profits the company generates. This measure is called return on fixed assets (ROFA). This indicator is often…

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