Rizing CEO on SAP Podcast: Are All Companies Becoming Tech Companies?

Created on October 7, 2021
Last updated on December 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 am by Mike Boyink

Between smart phone apps, location-aware mobile websites, and a connected, remote workforce, are all companies becoming technology companies? A recent SAP® podcast featured Mike Maiolo, CEO of Rizing and Teri Hamann, a Senior Vice President of SAP, discussing that question. The two (mostly) agreed that companies should stay focused on the core value they bring to their customers and shareholders but use technology strategically to increase that value.

Herman Miller manufactures a line of smart furniture that tracks usage. Customers can pay a monthly subscription to access to real-time data and insights.

Does that make HermanMiller a technology company?

Pizza Hut offers an app that allows hungry customers to find store locations, receive deals, and order pizza up to seven days in advance.

Does that make Pizza Hut a technology company?

MobileWash is an app that allows users to request a car wash come to them at home or at work.

Is MobileWash a technology company?

Rizing CEO on SAP podcast

Rizing CEO Mike Miaolo appearing on an SAP podcast.On SAP’s Ready Set Transform podcast, hosted by Bonnie D Graham, Rizing’s CEO, Mike Maiolo sat down with Teri Hamann, SAP’s Senior Vice President of RISE with SAP, to talk about the relationship between companies and technology.

No tech just for the sake of tech

Rizing’s Mike Maiolo felt that companies should remain focused on improving their core offering.

“It’s not simply about buying technology because it’s available or because you haven’t bought technology in X number of years, says Maiolo. “You are measured on your ability to drive shareholder value, but you can’t do so unless you’re taking care of and bringing value to your customers. You have to keep up with the pace of technology and use it to innovate.”

Let the business objective lead

SAP’s Teri Hamann recommended letting the business requirements lead the technology decisions.

“They want outcomes,” Hamann says. “Using technology to solve business challenges will help companies become more profitable and more efficient. It will help them drive better products and services. Each time a company is implementing a new technology there should be a business objective behind that decision.”

Rizing is tech-enabled

Maiolo went on to frame Rizing’s relationship with technology.

“We are a services company and I define who we are based on the experience that we deliver to our customers,” he says. “But we can’t do any of that without technology. Our entire goal was to run our company more efficiently so that our employees could spend more of their waking time with customers delivering value. So are we a tech company or are we a tech-enabled company? I would argue it’s tech-enabled.”

Businesses need technology partners

Maiolo recommends businesses work with a systems integrator for three reasons.

“One, to pick the right technology,” he says. “Two, to think about what’s the best way to use that technology to become a best-run business. And three, because technology is transforming so quickly. You need a partner to help make real-time decisions about what the future holds for you.”

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