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Rizing Geospatial can help your organization configure COTS products to fit your unique needs or build completely custom solutions when COTS products do not exist. We have been involved in the creation of several of the most notable decision support solutions in the transportation industry. Whether with business intelligence tools or geospatial web portal application, we can assist you with determining the best ways to present and visual your data using the latest geospatial technologies




Geospatial Web Portals & Dashboards

Applications that utilize a mapping interface have become commonplace with the introduction of mainstream web mapping tools, but the complexity of developing fully integrated decision-support tools requires integrated data and more comprehensive skills. Our experiences allow us to configure GIS applications that provide mining, analysis, visualization, thematic display, and reporting capabilities of a multitude of data sources (e.g. pavement conditions, construction programs, crash locations, bridge conditions, traffic volumes, roadway characteristics).

COTS Configuration

Today, there are many geospatial products that offer a wide variety of functionalities. Capabilities may include LRS data management and maintenance, conflation of network geometry and attributes, dynamic segmentation and data merging, or complex data visualization. Most of the products offering these capabilities need to be configured to utilize your organization’s data. Rizing Geospatial can configure third party products or our own solutions to fit your data processes and workflows. We can then offer various levels of support to augment your organization’s resources and skillsets.

Custom Application Development

While most organizations are focused on implementing COTS products to reduce the long-term costs of IT solutions, there are times when a custom solution is the right approach. In addition, on many of our projects, there is a need to add modules to existing products that meet a specific or unique need. Rizing Geospatial designs and develops custom applications or modules with the goal of minimizing training and maximizing ease of use and data access.

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