Mobile LiDAR Acquisition & Feature Extraction

Our mobile LiDAR services start by using state-of-the-art mobile mapping technology outputting a combination of highly accurate point clouds and 360 degree, georeferenced color spherical imagery.




Engineering and Asset Inventory Data Acquisition

Data collected with Rizing Geospatial’s mobile mapping system is survey-grade and can be used for engineering or asset inventory projects. Data is collected while traveling at prevailing highway speeds, and our team routinely captures up to 60 miles each day. Point clouds and associated imagery/video logs can be processed within a day or two. By adding control, standard design accuracies can be achieved increasing the value of collected data and also providing more accurate design quantities

Asset and Attribute Extraction

Mobile LiDAR is an excellent way for your organization to obtain a full and accurate asset inventory. Rizing’s LiDAR team uses collected point clouds and associated imagery with leading feature extraction tools to produce GIS and/or CAD deliverables to include all visible assets and associated attributes. Additional deliverables may include 3-D design or terrain models.

Geospatial Integration and Visualization

Extracted features can be combined with the assets and events traditionally maintained by GIS units and then visualized in Rizing Geospatial’s Road Analyzer product

Collect Data Once and Use it Many Times for Multiple Purposes

Utilization of mobile LiDAR can help to bridge the gap between engineering and planning divisions because data is collected at an accuracy level appropriate for both sets of users. Results then provide greater benefits and a higher return on investment because the data can be mined multiple times for many purposes.

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