The Mobile Asset Verification and Roadway Inventory Collection (MAVRIC) application is our browser-based field and office data collection product. MAVRIC provides easy to use GPS-enabled data collection that integrates with your LRS and mapping environment. Data stored in an enterprise server database environment can be synced to the MAVRIC application to provide disconnected local access to data while in the field and updated upon return from field activities.

Online or Offline Collection & Validation of Data

View roadway data through wireless networks or in disconnected mode.

The Offline Preparation Wizard assists you with collecting data in the field.

Maps and straight-line views of infrastructure and data elements included.

Your location is updated automatically using GPS.

Field-optimized User Interface on Multiple Platforms

Interactive roadway data editing interface on IOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Automated collection allows for the integrated addition of geotagged images, videos, and voice memos to assets.

Higher-quality external GPS units can be incorporated via Bluetooth.

Map Collection or LRS Collection

Point, line, and polygonal data are captured in the Map Collection mode.

LRS location data is captured in Road Inventory mode.

Methods of collection are defined as appropriate based on agency data models.

Field & Office Applications for Consistent Data Entry

Data updates and collection of roadway centerlines, assets, inventory, and characteristics can be achieved in the field or office.

In the field – Enterprise data is downloaded (if needed), and offline or online data is collected or updated based on field findings. Enterprise data is updated or collected based on edits found in the field inspection upon syncing with the enterprise database.

In the office – data is updated based on road plans, aerial photography, video log data, and other remote sensing such as mobile LiDAR. Enterprise data is updated or collected based on changes found in the remotely sensed data or other reporting methods. Updates are compatible with Roads and Highways event editing processes.

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