Road Analyzer

Road Analyzer is the leading straight-line diagramming product in the transportation market. We help transportation agencies implement Road Analyzer as a stand-alone application, or as a part of larger LRS reformation projects. Road Analyzer contains a database-driven, interactive straight-line diagramming environment, with an integrated location map and optional video log (Road Video Viewer) display. All data displayed on the screen is placed using basic linear referencing methods from a relational database. Road Analyzer is designed to be highly configurable.

Multiple Route Selection Methods

Hierarchy:  a drill-down approach for finding route sections of interest.

Geography:  GPS is used to find the route(s) close to your location.

Query Builder:  find routes of interest by querying layer attributes.

Map:  select a route from the integrated map interface.

Interactive Straight-line Diagramming

Stick Diagram and Bar Panel where point and linear features are clearly displayed.

Displayed road attributes are configurable by the user.

Shareable templates can be saved letting users display the features of interest to best suit their needs.

Visualization of Asset Details

Configured to aggregate the data displayed to show trends and statistical information.

Dashboard module provides coverage details for all the events in current road extent.

Integrated Road Video Viewer

View traditional video log sources and imagery or leverage video collected with Rizing’s mobile LiDAR systems.

Validate asset inventories by ensuring features and events shown in the videos are also in the SLD database.

Redlining and Drawing Tools

Annotate and highlight areas of interest.

Email redlined SLDs to other users with Road Analyzer’s notification capabilities.

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