Road Video Viewer

Road Video Viewer™ is Rizing’s standalone video log viewing application that is also designed to integrate seamlessly into our Road Analyzer™ product. Road Video Viewer can display multiple formats of video logs spanning multiple years of collection and is especially useful in determining if the locations of assets and events in an inventory match the corresponding field locations in the video.

View Multiple Years of Collected Data

Road Video Viewer merges and displays video logs for routes collected across multiple vendors and years.

This capability allows you to view your video log data from one interface, seamlessly.

Customize Your Video Log Experience

The interactive playback allows users to play, pause, set playback speed and “pan” between multiple camera images. Image metadata can be displayed if needed for detailed analysis.

Multiple camera views can be linked to a location and displayed as needed. Camera settings allow you to order and configure the multiple images in camera frame display.

Validate Your Asset Inventory

When integrated with Road Analyzer, Road Video Viewer becomes a powerful validation tool for verifying that assets and events in your inventory match the most current video log.

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